Stephen Hawking: teacher, patient and a badass

Stephen Hawking is one of the most famous in the world of contemporary science, and certainly is-sinlugar-the most famous theoretical physicist of our time. Also, was responsible for bringing science to the masses doing an excellent job of popularizing science, becoming an icon of popular culture in the way.

His image has appeared almost everywhere, as spoken in a TED talk that appears on The Simpsons or Family Guy (to name a few). But who is actually Stephen Hawking? The guys took care OnlinePHD to this computer graphics / timeline that presents the life of the scientist in a very simple, some things to note:

Is the most famous and leading spokesman for the fight against Lou disease Ghehrig
It was a good student but “nothing out of the ordinary”
In 1962, at age 20, began the symptoms of his illness was not given more than two or three years. At that time decided to start his PhD.
He married in 1965 and needed a cane to walk
At 26, and needed to always be in a wheelchair for transportation.
In 1985 he lost his ability to speak and began to use a machine to speak for him, first used a finger could still move after a muscle in his cheek
He has published 14 books, 6 series and movies produced and received 16 awards.

If you want to see the complete timeline, here it is:


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