The Internet Is Ruining Your Brain

Turns out, multi-tasking online doesn’t positively exercise our brains or mental state. Heavy Internet users are 2.5 times more likely to be depressed. And web addiction reduces the white matter in our brains, basically the transmitters responsible for our memory and sensory abilities.





  1. Hi Suresh, Nice article. I would say we almost most need google every other minute right from buying shoes, getting directions while driving, socialising, looking for holiday destinations, even ordering food and drinks and downloading your favourite music or movies. Google has a lot of information of which we still do not know. The much we know is still not enough.
    I also have my bog, its, its mainly on WIndows and Linux. I am also learning programming at the moment with python. I myself use Ubuntu Linux. Please have a look at it and comment on the articles. Any comment will be appreciated.

  2. Thanks for that Suresh. I will be updating it soon. Keep your comments coming in.
    And keep posting more articles like this on your blog. I will be having a look at it and commenting it regularly.

  3. Hi there, once upon a time there was a word for people who over used their eyes, we called them ‘goggle-eyed’. Nowadays, I guess, if we take your statistics for sure, practically everyone is ‘Google-eyed.’ I don’t have all that much time for being live in cyberspace, but I have to admit, it can be of enormous help. The old saying, most things in moderation still goes. Best to you, Colette

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