Bill Gates Is Better Than Batman

Microsoft is nearly eponymous with its products—they were one of the first software companies to really make computer technology accessible and useful to everyday consumers. Today, they represent useful software and tech products for students, businesses, and personal users. Microsoft Office has helped streamline business tools across the globe, and the Windows operating system is the most widely used worldwide: it accounts for nearly 80% of the operating systems used on computers today.
Microsoft has certainly been a disruptive force in the world of personal computing and technology. While this alone is remarkable, it is also amazing to reflect on the fact that the entire company grew essentially from the work of two people. Founders Paul Allen and Bill Gates are responsible for laying the foundations of a company that would go on to change the world—which is no small feat.
These days, Bill Gates is continuing to pioneer disruptive ideas that will change the world, but with more of a philanthropic bent than a business one. As co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, he brings the pragmatic and balanced approach to philanthropic efforts, such as globally eradicating preventable diseases and improving the quality of education. This infographic takes a look at the measurable and scalable ways that Gates is changing the world once again through philanthropy, and makes the claim that he’s getting so much done that he warrants the title “action hero.”




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